Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Friendship and caring across borders

The international education developers’ team at Tampere region organized a poster and logo competition for pupils across different schools in the region. The themes for the work were internationalism, education for peace, refugees and global responsibility. The learning activity was well suited for developing pupils’ global citizenship competences and skills at using multi-media and implementing multi-literacy.

The learning process started with a classroom discussion about authentic international and global education related themes. Students expressed their opinions and worries, and solutions to different real life problems were sought together. After that the students chose the special themes or problems that inspired (or worried) them most and which they wished to influence.

It is important that the message contained in the work comes across clearly and boldly. When creating a logo message the design is simple and clear. It is based on a picture and 1 - 5 words. A poster may contain a bit more text, pictures and details, but in it, too, the message has to come through lucidly. In the competition the technique was free: the pupils could draw, write or paint by hand or by computer, they could use their own or freely accessible online photos, which they could edit, add text to or make into a collage.

The activity integrated ethical education and learning by doing. The results were awesome. They represented the pupils' strong commitment to friendship and peace, and their wish to help. In addition, issues related to immigration and refugees were strongly expressed.

Best designs and art works are printed and they are made into stickers and posters. That’s how they can be spread around the community to help make global responsibility and internationalization at home visible in school classrooms, corridors and websites. The good-will video below is a compilation of various pupils’ work and spreads the message of friendship and caring. A warm thank you to all participants!

P.S. This could be a wonderful eTwinning learning task! I sincerely recommend a similar activity to be carried out in all schools around the world as part of global citizenship education.

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