Friday, June 14, 2013

Children Making the World a Better Place

Our Students – Future European Entrepreneurial Citizens was a two-year Comenius project in 2011-2013 coordinated by the Primary School of Orivesi Centre. Six primary schools from England, Ireland, Italy, Austria and Finland participated in this multilateral project.

The project was founded on the basic principle that good life is based on acknowledged rights and responsibilities, shared values and mutual respect. The focus was on the students, creating a possibility for them to learn to know each other, learn about other countries and cultures, and develop their information technology and communications skills. The main contents of the project were the understanding of children's rights, responsibilities and our shared values as well as various participatory learning tasks, dealing with art, traditions, voluntary work and the culture of the partner countries.

In addition to that, quite a few students were able to visit the partner countries in order to learn about other European cultures, explore similarities and differences between their own lives and those of their peers and share their experiences with their schoolmates.

The project helped our pupils to develop the skills and values needed to promote active citizenship and overcome situations of injustice and discrimination. Some of the schools in the partnership, located in very deprived areas, created opportunities to encounter different cultures for pupils who may otherwise never be able to travel.

More about the project and its outcomes on the English website of the Primary School of Orivesi Centre.

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