Friday, December 7, 2012

First posting

At the moment I'm working as project coordinator in the Mentor Programme for the Internationalization of General Education. It's funded by the Finnish National Board of Education. Its ultimate goal is to mainstream international education in the new national curriculum framework and the local curricula which will be applied from August 2016 onwards.

To reach that, I'll be working together with experienced teachers and experts all around Finland to create regional strategies and networks to make different kinds of international projects, multicultural happenings and global education an integrated part of every pupils' and teachers' yearly schedule. I can't see this possible without radical changes in the ways we teach and learn today.

I bought my first Olivetti pc in 1986. Ever since I've used computer in my dily studies and work. For over ten years, I've been interested in implementing ICT in international projects and learning in general. In 2004 I started experimenting with Moodle environment, which turned out to be very applicable in different European learning projects. Since that, I've been coordinating quite a few eTwinning, Comenius and Grundtvig projects and have given lectures, workshops and online courses dealing with the pedagogical use of different Web 2.0 tools and collaboration of students and teachers in online learning projects.

With my new job and with the new national curriculum framework being under construction in Finland, I feel now is the time to start blogging about all these issues that interest me in the schools and education of today and tomorrow. Future is there, just one leap away, and I'm not going to be the one standing and passively waiting for it to roll over. There's a lot we can do to be able to look at the future with hope instead of fear, to feel empowered instead of intimidated.

Let's go global!


  1. It was inspiring to read the article. It is written with perception about the present and with an eagerness to influence the future.
    I strongly agree with the need for a radical change in teaching and classroom practices to update educational systems to meet the demands of a future we know little about. In fact, about the only thing we know about the future is that there will be more people, which means that the importance of communication and of collaboration will increase. Is school teaching that today?
    Pedagogical discussion between educators in different countries is a very valuable resource. It makes us see our own classrooms, schools and the national education in our respective countries with fresh eyes. Discussion has the power to shake us loose from our routines and set ways. It will truly provide the dynamism needed to break loose and achieve change. It will empower us, and make us see more of opportunities for change with the resources we have, and think less of the threats of inadequate public funding.

  2. Thanks, Maria, for your comment. I completely agree. I also think that teachers should get actively involved, even take the lead in the discussion on the future of education. The way school, learning and teachers' profession is developed should not be dictated by economics or technologies but by pedagogics that provide our pupils with the best possible education preparing them for good life.:)

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